Abeler Authors Letter of Support For External HMO Audit

A year long effort by Healthcare Reform advocates from across Minnesota to demand an external audit of the state’s business dealing with HMOs  has reached fruition.  Sen. Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) has authored a letter to be delivered to MN Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles requesting immediate action regarding an outside, external audit of the $5 billion dollar per year state allocation to HMOs who run the state’s healthcare programs related to Medicaid.  Dozens and dozens of legislators have signed on as supporters of the actions and hundreds of citizens have signed their names to a supportive public petition to that effect.  Those signatures come as a result of the hard work done by Healthcare Reform advocates over the past twelve months.

A copy of the letter, legislative signatures, and supporting documents related to the need for the external HMO audit… you can view the document by clicking the link below.

Nobles Audit Letter and Leg Signatures 20180430090903297, A

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