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The best solution to the ever increasing and out of control cost of health care is universal health care. Universal health care will deliver health care more efficiently and cover more people – while saving consumers money. It is a common sense solution.

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About Universal Health Care

What Do I Need to know about the Minnesota Health Plan?

  • Why the “free market” does not work for health care delivery
  • The MHP is not “socialized medicine”
  • Myths about rationing
  • Myths about waiting lines
  • Myths about overuse of system
  • Expectation that high risk people “should” pay more for health care
  • How the MHP addresses the potential for influx of people into the state for “free” care
  • Points about loss of administrative health care jobs with institution of MHP
  • Detrimental features of high co-pays and deductibles
  • Cost of a single-payer system
  • Myth that the “fee-for-service” method of provider payment means that no one will be controlling spending or promoting quality
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What is Single-Payer Universal Health Care?

By Drs. Edward P. Ehlinger and Susanne L. King
The Journal of the East and West Metro Medical Societies
July/August 2008
In discussions of health care reform, consensus is rapidly developing around the urgent need for universal health care coverage in the United States. There is also an almost universal understanding that this coverage is not feasible without cost containment. Given the facts that over 47 million people in the U.S. are uninsured and an even greater number are underinsured and that the percentage of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) going to health care is over 16 percent, it’s not surprising that the issues of access and cost have become priority issues in our country…..[read more]